What’s wrong with this headline?

54% of drivers don’t pass through ERP gantries on the way to work

By Maria Almenoar

EACH time the tolls on Singapore’s roads rise, a chorus of complaints sounds from drivers across the island.

But the reality is that less than half of all motorists pass through Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries on their way to work.

A Singapore Press Holdings survey of 295 motorists found that 46 per cent fork out money for the privilege of driving on the island’s roads.

Of those, about 70 per cent pay $3 or less every morning.

The survey was done over three days in mid-November, about two weeks after ERP rates were raised by 50 cents.

That brought tolls on the Central Expressway from the Pan Island Expressway to $5 between 8.30 and 9am – making it Singapore’s costliest road.

Read the full story in Tuesday’s edition of The Straits Times.



I’m not going to question the statistical significance of 295 respondents, but really, even if ONLY one quarter of drivers here are passing through ERP gantries, these guys are still paying too much!

Also, I’m more interested in how much the gantries make per hour during peak periods, instead of how many people pass through them.

And if they do activate the Toa Payoh gantry, I can tell you over 54% of TP residents are gonna be paying ERP.

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  1. i really hope someone dynamite the ERP gantry at TPY lor 6…..i everyday detour through there to get to PIE-changi to siam ERP at CTE…as if we are not paying enuff for petrol and parking…ridiculous….

  2. What I wonder about is why they didn’t report the number of people who have to pay ERP at night going home !!

  3. This TP gantry seems to be a problematic point in their ERP system. They could not plug this hole in the outer cordon properly due to the way the roads are connected.

    Some top LTA guys simply dump the ERP gantry there and hope that people will accept it like the other gantries.

    It seems to highlight the flaws in their planning. It is so classical again that they use some superficial surveys (which you cannot access) and their mouthpieces to push their case through.

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