My first lightning photo

lightning in bishan

I’d hate to be the guy at the end of this lightning bolt. Click for bigger version.

I’m quite the lazy photographer, so I’m not the sort to sit around for hours waiting for some bird to get into its best angle or for people to hop over some wet puddle.

That explains why I’ve never gotten any lightning shots before, they’re just too bothersome to acquire.

But this afternoon, the skies were going hog-wild with flashes and booms, and I must have seen several bolts going across the sky before I realised I should take a picture.

I didn’t bother with a tripod, I just stood at the window with my EOS 5D, counted to ten for several sets and fired away! So yes, you can get great action shots with 3fps cameras and some good timing! 

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  1. What a great shot! I loved looking at your blog. Great pics all around – love the winking girl – what a sweetie.

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