I’m finally a Dance Dance Dancer!

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I saw this on the shelves today and immediately bought it although it’s a pricey S$149. Damned, I’ve been too shy to dance at the arcades, and now I can jive to my heart’s content with the kids at home. The song tracks are all original, and includes great hits like Rockit!

Some key features to plug shamelessly for the Xbox platform (eh, exclusive title ok?):


  • Truly universal appeal with music from 70’s to today!
  • New HOW TO PLAY, TRIAL and SUPER EASY modes aimed at first-time players and beginners
  • Very accessible for all skill levels
  • Freestyle Mode debuts on Xbox 360® – dance how you want to dance without arrows (perfect for kids or anyone with two left feet)
  • Brand new Quest Mode lets you build your own character
  • Play online, download new music and more via Xbox Live®
  • Enhanced graphical design in high definition

Official Konami website is here: http://www.musicineverydirection.com/

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  1. It ain’t DDR until you’ve made a right fool of yourself at the arcades, trying to do ‘circles’…

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