BLING! My second gold tooth

Here’s Dr Teeth!

I was thinking of taking a picture of my open mouth to show you my two gold teeth but it’ll probably not be the most appetising thing you’ll see today.

In any case, I’m proud to announce I’ve installed my second gold crown today, exactly opposite the first one done a few years ago on a bottom molar. You usually can’t see it unless I grin really wide or I show it off (to many wows so far).

Is this a case of me becoming an Ah Pek? Well, you’re right in the sense that my teeth are really nothing but trouble. They’re too big to maintain easily, been giving me dental issues since I was a kid and just cost too much to upkeep.

(An army dentist once declared to me in 1995 I’ll lose all my teeth by 40. Wonder what got into her then to be so mean.)

Anyway, here are the reasons why I only have gold crowns

  • Gold is more durable and hardy than porcelain crowns. My dentist says it’s his choice of material too.
  • It costs slightly more than full porcelain but sure got more bling (but this one was quite expensive due to higher gold prices. At 6.1gm, the crown cost me S$750. My old one cost a few hundred less.)
  • It feels really smooth with you’re licking it.
  • I have something to pluck out and pawn for money during wartime.

I’ll show you if you ask me nicely 😀

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