The struggle back to blogging

You know, once you stop blogging, it gets damned difficult to get back to it again. Anyway, I have a great excuse, since I just started work at Microsoft…two months ago. Sure feels like two years ago if you ask me. So much happening, so much I can’t blog about ;D

Wouldn’t you like to know eh?

But what I can say that although the job is far more intense than I could have ever envisaged, it is also very rewarding and exciting. It’s probably unfair to compare SPH against the world’s biggest software firm, and the shock to one’s system upon entering the new workplace is something I’ve yet to feel elsewhere.

Anyway, just finished a high-key reservist which everyone felt was an absolute waste of precious time. Out of four days in the field, we spent three days stoning and waiting for something to happen. As the world ticks by hurriedly, reservists are made to sit inside some time vacuum and await death by boredom and sweat. I’m not used to sleeping so much, so by Thur I had already fallen ill due to the change in body clock and weather.

I’ve also been catching up with my readings. Here’s the latest Spider-Man 3 review from Ebert, who is going back to some films he missed when he was on medical leave.

I couldn’t agree more with his assessment:

The great failing of "Spider-Man 3" is that it failed to distract me from what a sap Peter Parker is. It lingers so long over the dopey romance between Peter and the long-suffering Mary Jane that I found myself asking the question: Could a whole movie about the relationship between these two twentysomethings be made? And my answer was: No, because today’s audiences would never accept a hero so clueless and a heroine so docile. And isn’t it a little unusual to propose marriage after sharing only one kiss, and that one in the previous movie, and upside-down?