The origin of "Flask"

Plenty of people have asked me over the years why my online and Xbox LIVE nick is Flask. I’ve always told them it doesn’t really mean anything, but here’s the real reason why.

Back in 1997, when we first started using instant messaging in the form of ICQ, I was asked to choose a nickname.

Good nicks are hard to find today due to the millions of Internet users out there. But you’ve got to have one that is short, easy to remember, and actually means something.

That’s when Flask popped into my head, and I quickly knew why it was to be my long-time nick.

Flask actually means something? you ask.

Yes, the Flask nick was meant to represent the empty vessel I’ve always thought I’ve represented.

It’s not easy to admit that you think you’re a vessel that just makes a lot of noise but hey, that’s my nature I was born with. Ronald used to say in school that "Ian’s full of shit" and only half in jest.

So what the Flask does need to work at is filling itself up so it’s not so hollow. I decided a long time ago that that’s what I’ll do – make less empty noise, and have more substance 😀

Still working at it though.

And that’s also why this blog is called Empty Vessel (originally The Bottom Of The Big Flask).