The last thoughts of 2007

It’s been a pretty hectic year. Thought I might as well pen some thoughts down during the last few hours.

Firstly, it marked the end of a long era of working within SPH. It’s almost a decade, if you think about it, from the time I first started doing my internship to the day I left TNP.

I do miss working with my friends at SPH though I get to see them once in a while. It’s not often you get to sit around with people who see life through a different lens, or have creative abilities others only dream about. There’s a certain sort of humour you also won’t find anywhere else.

Plus the level of cultural references. C’mon how many people can you find who can talk to you about Totoro, Astroboy, Hellboy and Pet Shop Boys in the same breath?

I’m also starting to miss the bitchiness of journalists. In a highly cynical environment, the things we can say is always normal to us, but shocking to others. And yes, we always meant what we said.

But the journalism life had to end. I actually didn’t expect to last longer than my 4-year bond but the two extra years were remarkable due the amount of things I picked up, experienced and accomplished.

For the past few weeks during the Xmas break, I’ve also been sleeping and dreaming a lot.

Today, I dreamt about my late friend Derek again, the things we used to talk about in school, in the boat, in OCS, at media lunches, and I wonder why is it that I keep thinking about the past. Am I living in the past? Why does the past always seem so rosy when it really wasn’t?

Yet I also don’t really think about the future.

In my lifetime, I’ve encountered quite a few people who’ve tried to tell me my future. From monks to grassroots volunteers to yogis to REAL fortune tellers. To their credit, they’ve always been pretty good at telling me what my character was like – but that’s because my face is an open book to begin with.

Some of their predictions have been quite accurate (esp with the job change milestone) but God tells us not to put our faith in such soothsayers. Is impending change etched on my face? Perhaps that’s why it’s so easy for these guys to read me and blab some prediction. Should I become more stony-faced next year?

There are certain things I hope to achieve in 2008 outside of my work. Let’s see I can do them…

1. Get my civilian bike licence once and for all.

2. Return to my violin lessons

3. Start exercising regularly because the damned IPPT is coming again before Aug 2008.

4. Find my old passion for photography again. I really miss the days when all I wanted to be was the best photographer I could be. Somehow, something snuffed out that passion along the way. The skills remain though, but at a plateau.

God bless everyone in 2008!

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