Revisiting Terminator 2 : Judgement Day

It is inevitable for us to cherish the past. Nostalgia is what keeps us sane in the crazy present. When we have something to look back to, the present and the future doesn’t seem so distasteful any longer.

After 16 years, I’ve finally bought my own copy of T2, one of the greatest sci-fi flicks of all time, and what I consider to be James Cameron’s magnum opus (no, not Titanic you fools!).

I’ve seen so many different versions over the years – VCR, laser disc, DVD – but I saved my dough for the high-definition version and the image quality doesn’t disappoint one bit. It seems like just yesterday that the entire bunch of us from school went to watch T2, and how we held our breaths as we saw T1000 morph from liquid metal to human form, how we cheered when Arnie outran/outgunned/outpunched everyone else…and so on. Now the HD version allows you to see it as clearly as the movies.

T2 marks a very clear point in my youth – at 15, I was still feeling very awkward and so uncertain of what the future would turn out to be. But we were so happy in Sec 3A1, we knew for sure that it was the class to be in, and the friends to have.

Similarly, T2 demonstrates an assurance of what it meant to be alive in 1991, and the plot kept harking about a future that was so dim and uncertain, with results that would be the consequences of our actions.