Putin as Time’s Person Of The Year

I don’t like it when the photography has an agenda to make someone look like what the editor desired. I don’t believe this is how Putin wanted himself to look.

TIME made an interesting choice for its annual award. The feature article is quite an engrossing read, and you should check it out for the way it deftly defines many sides of Putin without cheesing him off. After all, the journo has to keep meeting the Prez regularly!

The most memorable quote came from the QnA interview (red italics are my own):


Has your KGB training helped you as President? There’s an old saying "Once a spy, always a spy."
Well, those are lies. Naturally, some of that background can be of help. They taught me to think independently.

They taught me to gather objective information, first and foremost.

The second thing, from working in intelligence, is learning the skill of working with people.

Above all, to respect the people you’re dealing with.

2 Replies to “Putin as Time’s Person Of The Year”

  1. Yo Mr Tan,

    regarding the photo,

    I suppose this is the typical “Putin on the Ritz” scenario of jazzing up a portrait shot.

    But from the wrong angle, it can be rather off putin — and might throw some people off.

  2. My first thought was “Platon”, a photographer who I thought probably shot the picture.

    Quite different visually from the Economist cover with the photo-illustration (“Spot the President”); not-so flattering writeup.

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