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The time finally came for us to put a piano in Bishan. Goy originally wanted to move the old Clementi piano over but I thought it was too much of a hassle and it would be better to get a new one.

We spent several weeks looking around Singapore for European and Japanese brands, but in the end, went back to getting a good old Yamaha. Some advice for people buying musical instruments:

1. If you have no musical experience, just get a cheap piano, you wouldn’t know the difference.

2. If you have some musical experience, don’t ever try the best piano in the showroom. You’ll probably bust your budget getting it. Once you listen to a good instrument, it’s very hard not to keep thinking about it.

Yeah, so that’s how we ended up with the YUS5 (see product details here). Even in the noisy Plaza Singapura showroom, it was not difficult to discern this piano had all the works – from a thunderous bass to tinkling highs that had just the right amount of sharpness. And the build quality is pretty high-class.

When it finally came to Bishan and Goy started playing, I also realised this would make a pretty good jazz piano. When played lightly, it has a casual characteristic that is almost playful. In the meantime, Goy’s been playing Chopin’s Revolutionary Etude on it – sure sounds a lot better than the recorded sounds on the Chopin-inspired Xbox 360 game Eternal Sonata ;D

Now I’m aching to get back to my violin so that we can make great muzak together. But alas, as long as work is a priority, it’s going to be hard to pick up the strings again.

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