Lusty Women

Hey I’m back after a long fortnight. Do forgive the lack of updates, it’s been quite a ride getting into the new job and everything has been really quite an eye-opener. There’s plenty to do, and as usual, never enough time as usual.

Lust, Caution

Lust, Caution to all you hum-sup los.

But back to the usual rants.

If you’ve been reading the national press, you’ll see some sort of campaign against the cuts done on the locally-screened version of Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution. You know, that movie with plenty of nude scenes and a plot I haven’t really bothered to read about. It’s got Lee Hom too, but the poor dude is totally not in the global media radar at all for this monumental event.

Anyway, veteran movie critic Ong Sor Fern claimed the cut version is only worth 3.5 stars, while the uncut version deserves full marks. Then today, I read two letters in ST Life! where one reader Wu Min Xiu demands the boycott of the cut version and another Pauline Teo, who hasn’t watched the movie yet, claims to be alienated by the distributor’s decision.

Wrote WMX: "No artistic vision deserves to be chopped up by mere workmen who arbitrarily decide what’s right or wrong."

Wrote PT: "But I feel very insulted that we have to sit through an edited version to suit the distributor’s need to make money."

Okay, here’s my two cents.

1. I believe all these people up in arms are mostly women. (Min Xiu isn’t a very manly name lor). Why are all the women so affected by the cuts? Not us guys for sure. For one thing, if we were to start clamouring for an uncut version, people will only call us Hum Sup and totally overlook our tender, sensitive and unmet artistic desires.

2. For goodness sake, any movie you watch at the cinema is only there to help the distributor make money. Not happy, don’t watch lah. The uncut DVD will usually be out within the year and you can go order from Amazon, so what’s the problem?

3. I think it’s a bit extreme to call censors or distributors "mere workmen". Aren’t we all mere workmen? Even Ang Lee is a workman – he didn’t make this movie for charity.

4. I find all this arthouse grievings to be mostly hype-generated. I’d bet if there weren’t any full-frontals in this movie, most people wouldn’t even know of its existence. I suspect lots of women have been waiting for Tony Leung to display his crown jewels and this is the perfect excuse to lust after him without looking dirty.

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  1. better still, the cut-up version was done by Lee Ang himself! He edited a cleaner version for distribution in China, and that’s what we are getting. So the irate reader is really calling Lee a workman. Hah! Seriously, I don’t how cutting some super-hot sex scenes can reeeallly detract a film’s storyline…

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