Goodbye, my first employer

The packing took a few days, but it’s finally over. I managed to find all the different namecards that I’ve used over the past years and filed them away nicely too. Wed was my last day at The New Paper, and I start at Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division on Monday.

How do I feel about leaving my first job? That’s what some people are asking. Well, I’m not really sure. Change has always been an integral part of my life, and I’m not really very sentimental about most things save my family.

In any case, I’ve realised certain things about my career and company that I didn’t notice even last month. As I went through all my old clippings and materials, it was all very nostalgic, but I also felt that I was returning to square one, the very state I was in before I signed that scholarship form so many years ago.

There are many things that I wish I could write down here, to talk about all the things that make up a journalism career, the people who make a newsroom and the events that shape one’s empathy…or the lack of…for others.

But I won’t.

If it’s anything I really learnt on this job, it’s that being contented with one’s lot is a very hard thing to achieve. Or rather, accepting one’s place in life with humility and the understanding that a higher power directs all things.

The above point forms the basis of many news stories, or the things that I’ve seen but not written about. Life may seem unpredictable, but for many, it actually follows a certain pattern or rhythm because of the way they choose to deal with life.

As journalists, we don’t claim to see the future. But if there’s one thing we seasoned ones can do, it’s to spot the pattern that people choose to impose upon their future, and we can roughly guess the path they will take, as well as the consequences.

I believe I’ve already chosen my pattern, so God, please give me a hand!

3 Replies to “Goodbye, my first employer”

  1. To see how people behave, you just have to know what drives them.

    Anyway, I’m very happy for you that you’re moving on the greener pastures. Goes to show that at least market forces are well and alive outside of the company!

  2. I just found out this week you left TNP. And I’ve lost your number cos I lost my phone some months back. Where’s your X-Box office? We should catch up.

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