Who killed the video star?

The music video is shrinking. With the music industry in crisis from falling sales and file sharing, labels have less cash to subsidize elaborate videos that will mostly be seen in miniature on computers. The result has been a major shift in the art form, as artists increasingly embrace the YouTube aesthetic with cheap, stripped-down, low-production videos.The shrinkage of the video will be obvious Sunday at the MTV Video Music Awards, where grandiose, ambitious videos will seem like an exotic species facing extinction.

– From AP : Music Videos Go Lo-Fi As Cash Dries Up

This news story is long overdue actually. The golden age of MTVs was probably between 1985 and 1996 as music companies poured increasingly large amounts of money into making a single 5-min video. It probably peaked with the most expensive music video ever – Scream by the Jackson duo

It’s not just Internet that killed the video star actually. It’s the sheer dearth of marketable talent, the stupidity of record companies in refusing to accept the digital revolution and the fact that when it comes to good music, most of it has already been made.

Still, I’d like to share one of my favourite videos from Madonna (whom I just discovered has her own YouTube channel!) – Rain