It sucks when you have to barf out the birthday cake your sister took the effort to buy for you.

It sucks even more when your body gives up on you in the process, so badly that you have to go AnE.

It doesn’t end there. My wife had to be hospitalised with me, and my son came down with food poisoning too.

The saga (and mystery) began on Sat noon….

We left the house early for lunch, intent on eating our favourite Tai Hwa bar chor mee at Lavender. But for the third time in as many weeks, it was impossibly crowded so we decided to go Zion Road to eat the good wanton mee there.

There, I met Dave and his wife, and we were both talking about how we liked the wanton noodles and cheng tng. Which my family went on to eat.

During dinner, we headed to my sister Marie’s place where we had good roasted chicken and sausage dinner, as well as a lana cake bought by Joanne.

Back home, I was trying to study for my Riding Theory test when my stomach started feeling bad. Really bad.

That was when the six hours of barfing began. Every hour on Sunday morning, I’d wake up to puke violently or crap out brown watery sludge. (Hey, don’t get ill on me okay). I tried to sleep in the living room so as not to infect Isaac, but I felt even worse.

I thought it was yet another bout of stomach flu, which I get every few years (the last being 2005 with Isaac)

At 7am, Isaac woke up and was yabbering away as normal. I was starting to feel really weird by then.

By 9am, I couldn’t get up from my bed. All the strength had been drained from my limbs and I was thinking how was I to go to the clinic in that state. Goy said she was feeling a bit ill too.

By 930am, my limbs were cramping up and my brain started to freeze and my breathing got really difficult. It’s having pins and needles throughout your body. I thought I was going to have a stroke.

That’s when I called Goy to call her parents to come down and I called Joanne for help.

When Mok and Joanne came over, I could hardly walk and had to be dumped into a wheelchair at Mt Alvernia. I knew my body was dehydrated and kept asking for a drip but the docs and nurses said there was no need, that I was just hyperventilating. I got a plastic bag to breathe into, which did improve the breathing issue.

But hey, I’ve been through the army survival course and using saline drips, I should know abit about hydration. I had lost way too much water in the night.

In any case, Goy got worse and we were both warded in the same room.

Talk about a romantic tryst

Isaac also started puking at home too and his gramp brought him to Mt Alvernia where he remained cheerful despite puking in Mok’s car. He gave us a really quiet look when he saw both of us in the hospital bed.

For the next 20-odd hours, it was absolute sianness as we drifted in and out of consciousness, I tried not to crap in my pants, my drip machine kept beeping away, and nurses kept coming in to take our blood pressure.

But around 2am on Mon night, my chest suddenly tightened up, my stomach started hurting like mad and I couldn’t breathe again. Some oxygen helped solve that.

To cut the long story short, we managed to get ourselves discharged after one day of being warded. We missed the kids like mad, (and were really worried), and I had a riding theory test to attend at night.

Without my sisters, Mok and my in-laws, I really don’t know what we would have done in this nightmare scenarios when both parents go down.

It must have been Sat’s lunch that got to us, but which dish? Dave and his family were unaffected. And how did Isabel escape the mayhem?

It really doesn’t matter does it?

It’s God telling me to really get ready for anything to happen. I’ve never been hospitalised in my life, have never been seriously injured and been through all sorts of crap.

But this one really shook us up.

5 Replies to “Poisoned!”

  1. Whoa. I’m sorry to her about your ailment. I was proud of the fact I’ve never been hospitalised, until I had to fix my shoulder. But that was a rather pleasant hospital stay, if you can call it that. I hope you’re feeling better now.

  2. Thanks guys, we’re better, but still not completely recovered yet. For example, I’m still giving out Newater and my stomach isn’t digesting food well.

    Betcha don’t feel like drinking from the tap again heh.

  3. What a scary episode. I hope the family doesn’t have to go through it again, ever.

    But yeah, it’s times like these that you truly realize that breath in you is a miracle in itself.

    Send my regards to Goy!

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