Full Frame Fwah


 It’s a great week for photographers. Canon has launched their new full-frame EOS 1Ds Mk III (US$7,999) and after an eternity, Nikon has finally produced the full-frame D3 camera (US$5,000).

Nikon has lost substantial ground in the professional arena for the past few years as they did not have any full-frame body to fight. Imagine, I’ve already had my FF EOS 5D for 2 years already. One wonders what the heck their RnD team was doing.

In any case, there’s real competition now. For the past few years, Canon has ruled the market with the upper hand on sensor technology. Now it’s back to the good old days of blood-letting, and we’ll all win because FF bodies will soon become more affordable to the masses. Then people will understand what I’ve been ranting about all these years – that compact digicams are really crap when it comes to picture quality.

I predict in two years time, you’ll be able to buy a consumer FF dSLR for US$1,650 (S$2,500). Let’s see if I deserve a soothsayer award.

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  1. Dude, completely agree. Rumours have it that even Sony will get into the full-frame fray soon. Then it will become interesting. You may not need to wait two years for your S$2,500 full frame DSLR.

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