A death in the camera closet

Goodbye, my dear Canon EF28-70L F2.8,

You were my first L lens.

I remember how I caressed you when I bought you in Hong Kong in 1999. You weren’t the original set I bought, that one had a chicken feather in it (seriously), but when I went back to Man Shing in haste to exchange for you, I knew you’d be the one for me.

You were there on my USA road trip with the gang, where you dropped with a big clang on the Washington subway floor and made all the guys’ jaws drop. You helped me become a better TNP phojournalist during our film days. You helped take wedding photos for Edwin, Mark Lim, and so many others. Our biggest job together was the stalking of Mariah Carey when she swam with dolphins in Sentosa….And you had the mark of our clan, with a small Neoprint sticker of Goy and me on your underside. Your last job was to take Grace Mok’s photo in the earlier post….

But alas, in recent years, I ignored you. I fell in love with my primes, and you became too heavy and bulky for an older me. Especially with that big fat lens hood.

I tried to take care of you though. I gave you top shelf space in my dry cabinet, free from the humidity of this terrible island.

So why did your internal element get all smeared with fungus? I was so sad when the Canon folks told me today you were not repair-able, that they no longer had the spare parts for you.

Then Canon said they’ll replace you with your newer version, the 24-70L with even wider coverage, for a really low sum compared to its retail price.

Now I’ve got a new baby, with non-moving rear element, better focal range, and spanking new to boot….

But I’ll miss you old friend. Very much…..

Okay, now that the mourning is over, here’s a test shot from the new 24-70. Excellent contrast and colours out of the box, the following photo of Isaac’s Thomas The Tank Engine car wash was not Photoshopped save the resizing.


3 Replies to “A death in the camera closet”

  1. It’s saddening, but on the upside, the new lens is visibly better in many aspects. Even image quality is noticeably better.

    Actually, when I was younger, I wanted to upgrade to the new version, but it was so ex. Well, guess I had a very good deal.

  2. Like the old chinese sayings, if i got the translation right “Off with the old and on with the new”.

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