Grace Mok, this is Your Second Day!


It was our family’s turn to visit the new Ms Mok today. Isabel woke up late from her afternoon nap, and after getting stuck in the evening Orchard Road jam, we were starving (at least the adults) when we got there.

But as usual, one forgets their hunger with a new baby around. She’s probably hungrier than us all the time haha. Plenty of presents from friends and relatives on the floor and MeiMei helped herself to the Pooh Balloon. I wonder if the girls will share beauty tips when they grow up, or if Grace can outdance our Dancing Queen.

PS: The photos were all taken with the new 24-70L. As you can see, everything suddenly has better contrast and sharpness. The new lens rawks.

PPS: I also decided to embed the captions straight into the pix. Photoshop CS3’s flash gallery is so buggy, I can never get the captions displaying right half the time. Hope they’re funny for you as they were for me HAHAHAH.

3 Replies to “Grace Mok, this is Your Second Day!”

  1. Hey, so sweet everyone of you.
    Cant wait to see baby Grace Mok.
    Wah Mei2 had grown over the months beautiful smile.
    Brother Isaac woh, have a new hair style, handsome.
    take care.
    send my love to Joanne and Mok for the arrival of a Beautiful Grace Mok.

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