I is for Ill


My state of mind these days. Ill, ill-er, ill-est.

The family has been terribly ill.

When Isaac went back to school at the end of June, he got ill almost immediately with a serious cough. Goy got sore throat as a result.

Then it passed around the family like a boomerang and for most of last week, I was hacking away at our Middle Management Course.

Then Mei Mei got pus-sy eyes (aka viral conjunctivitis) – her eyelids puffed up and she started secreting pus from her tear glands.

Then Isaac got even worse, he was coughing away at a rate of one cough per two seconds. That went on for two days.

Then their grandparents got a cough too.

In the meantime, I’ve had to continue working because of some ongoing projects and now I kena not only bacterial cough, but also pus-sy eyes!

Thankfully, the discharge doesn’t come out in the day, but when I wake up, my eyes are so crusty they make my eyelashes curl up sexily.

Sigh, I’ve been praying very hard for the family to get well and thank the Man upstairs, the kids are better now.

Health is wealth man.

Now excuse me while I go down so drowsy cough medicine….zzzzz.