Great quotes from great bosses

I’ve always known that I’ve been blessed greatly with wise mentors to show me the way through my work and personal life. To them, I owe many things, and they’ve encouraged me to take the path never trodden and also never to look back in fear. Some did it directly, others did it by example.

I thought it would be a good time to pen down some of their wise sayings. I shan’t name them till a later date, you know how the media world is – tongues love to wag. But you can’t kill good advice.

On being a good journalist

“You must never let people start saying bad things about you. Imagine, all it takes is one senior guy telling another during lunch ‘I don’t think Ian’s a good worker’ and then the message gets passed on. By next week, everyone will think you’re a lousy worker. Then who’d want to give you good assignments?”

“You’ll never know who’s going to be your boss one day, so be nice to everyone where possible.”

“Is he taking you for a ride?”

“Stupid questions receive stupid answers. So don’t ask stupid questions.”

“Every story has a head, body and tail. Why does your story have no head or tail? This is how you do it…”

“Oh everyone never has enough time. So stop making excuses and make time for the people you work with. They need your time.”

“You can’t do everything by yourself.”

“There’s always someone better than you.”

“Never, ever ask a person directly if she’s an SPG okay?”

On making a potentially foolish career decision

“Don’t be silly. You’re a father now. Any decision you make on this scale will impact the entire family. Stop thinking like you’re a single chap.”  

Nipping a troublemaker in the butt and killing office politics

“How did I deal with this troublemaker in the office? I took him into the office and after giving him a earful, I said ‘You’re an a**-hole’. Oh you heard me right, I didn’t call him an A-hole, I called him an A**-HOLE. Tell it like it is.” 

“How do I avoid office politics? I finish my work early and go home.”

“Office politics is for those whose work isn’t good enough to prove their worth.”