Dragon at TNP party


Owww, this is the TNP party?

We just concluded our TNP nineteenth birthday party at The Boiler Room, St James. It was the first time we’ve ever organised a party on this scale and the RSVP list was overwhelming.

We had New Face babes from past and present, VJs like Utt, some actors, Singapore Idol folks, Dennis Foo (main sponsor of the night!), a rather botoxed doctor, lots of advertisers and industry friends and the place was really packed to the brim. I have no pictures because I was too busy talking to dozens of people, but you can check out our photo spread in TNP on Sunday.

Then this funny-looking Chinese chap with huge sloping shoulders came along and I exclaimed like some juvenile fanboy: “You’re Jason Scott Lee! Nice to meetcha!”. I then shook hands with the Dragon. Of course, he wasn’t invited, but well, it marked the end of a really surreal night.

Thanks everyone who came and made it such a big success.

You do know this means we have to do it every year from now right?

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  1. I saw him too..was leaving when he walked by and I was thinking hmm, that bloke looks just like jason scott lee, cept with a crew cut and a slight moustache!

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