The New Paper Cyber Challenge

From 14 to 17 June, we held SPH’s first ever gaming event at Funan, under the TNP banner. I tell you, it’s no joke trying to start something like that from scratch, especially since there have been many gaming tourneys here. But our whole point was that most gaming tourneys turn the average joe off as they are too hardcore in nature.

So with the help of Sony, Electronic Arts and Acer folks, we got the Cyber Challenge (I’m not too hot on this generic name, but at least it’s easy to remember) up and going. Only two hardcore games (BF2142 and CnC3) and the rest were PS3 games like NFS Carbon, NBA Street Homecourt and the super excellent Fight Night Round 3, which have much better mass appeal.

The turnout was very strong, with a good crowd on the event floor at all times for the entire four days. At least 3,000 turned up, and I suspect the real numbers are much bigger. And quite a few babes I say.

Angelia was the main workhorse for this event, while I did the editorial push. The Rapture guys handled the game marshalling and floor set up. Also, a word of thanks to the GameAxis dudes for their support!


I suggested this living room concept with a nice big couch that spectators could crowd around when the finalists are bashing away at their PS3 games.


 And this is what they were facing, a huge-ass 60″ Bravia SXRD rear-projection HDTV (phew). Need for Speed Carbon never looked more shiok.


This was the PC side, sponsored by Acer, where the usual Battlefield gamers turned up.


 One of my original design suggestions was that there had to be plenty of floor area for people to mill around.

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