It’s time to ride

It’s amazing how time flies. It’s been 11 years since I got my military bike licence, and about 13 since my car licence.

Today, I went back to alma mater (if you can consider it so) Bukit Batok Driving Centre to sign up for my civilian bike 2B licence. Everyone keeps asking me, so I’ll just say it here: “I didn’t clock 7,000km during my NS days, so I couldn’t convert my military to a civilian one.”

So why ride a bike when I’m already very happy driving my Altis and its iPod sound system? Well, all riders know that it’s hard to explain the thrill of being on the road with two wheels. The way you and your machine become one, cutting through the air and all the traffic, the increased pulse rate when you take a tight corner and well, the rumble of your machine beneath your groin!

I’ve always wanted to get my civilian licence, and it was the recent in-camp training that reminded me how much I missed biking.

Of course, I know motorbikes are a risky way to go around.But just like drivers have to drive defensively, bikers need to remember that they are the most vulnerable guys on the road. Most riders I see on the road are stupid punks, thinking they can squeeze their way between two cars on the PIE and be absolutely safe.

Well, only if you have a really fast bike, but these jokers are usually the ones driving the small capacity, slow-accel bikes. Even worse when you have new riders doing McDonalds’ despatch and going around like hell riders. They’re asking for trouble lor.

I’m not sure if I’ll get a bike though. This is just one of those Ian-skill-upgrades I do every once in a while. Photography, videography, DIY computers, violin playing (sigh), procreation, Adobe Illustrator, Nokia S60 themes, art direction and so on. My life’s a bit like an RPG game – keep adding on new modules and skills just for the thrill of it, much to my wife’s exasperation.  

Gotta do all these before I get old!

2 Replies to “It’s time to ride”

  1. Haha… With price of living these days, getting a bike is a rational decision.

    Riding CAN be safe. It really depends on the attitude, aptitude, discipline and skill of the rider. Only problem is, the only way you find out you don’t have the aptitude is when you get into something nasty :S. Some walk away, some don’t, some can’t.

    Been riding for 12 years now and only had one accident caused by the other party. But experience taught me how to react and I came out totally unscathed.

    Here are a few bike links to inspire you:

    Bikers’ Wisdom:

    And my flickr photo blog for a solo road trip:

    Ride safe bro.

  2. Thanks for the good advice bro, I hope it’ll convince other sceptical people who haven’t had a chance to enjoy riding before. We simply have too many poor riders and drivers in Singapore, that’s all.

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