Wot a week

Yeah yeah, I know I’m not supposed to talk about work on this site, but the past week was one that really pushed my physical and mental capabilities to the max. And all for the “greater good”.

For the first time in 9 years (1998 was when I first did my SPH internship!), our editorial folks brought back the Being An Editor course of which 12 of us from various papers attended.

It’s funny, it seemed like yesterday that Ben Nadarajan, Kelvin Wong and me were having lunch at Great World City as fresh meat (aka interns), and now things are so different. I really miss those days when my job scope was much simpler and straightforward.

ST’s Alan John, who is highly regarded by all, took the helm for the course and I tell you this was the best formal training I’ve received during my career to date, and all in four days too.

The downside was that I didn’t sleep very much as the nights were left to settle work stuff. I was ultra-wobbly and really grim-looking by Fri night.


The Young and Old Photogs before the shootout: From left – Me, Mike, Wei Chean, Weng San, Juffrie, Jonathan Choo, Ernany, Linus, Jinyuan, John (the overall winner), Ishak

On the previous weekend (May 5), we conducted the Young Photographer Of The Year shootout in town and we carried out the judging the following Monday, with results and selected images published on Fri May 11.

John Heng came out tops, followed by Ng Wei Chean, Ernany Siregar and Mike Chee. Other finalists were Sit Weng San, Mhd Juffrie, Linus Chai and Cai Jinyuan.

I wish I could have given out prizes to all the eight plucky finalists, but ahhh, then it wouldn’t be a competition right? I’m hoping to put up all the 6 cspreads online soon.

Apart from several projects with the likes of Turf Club, Samsung, the travel industry, TNP is also hyping the Forza Motorsport 2 launch on the Xbox 360.

One of the side promos is the Forza 2 racing decals for 100 car owners, and within one day of TNP publicising it, all available slots were gone! I’ve been playing the pre-release version and even though I’m no hardcore car simulator fan, the game is real shiok. You’ve gotta love the attention to detail, not just for the 300-plus cars but all the tuner upgrades. It’s slated for release on 29 May, read TNP every Thur for our coverage. 

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  1. Hello Ian

    I am writing to request that you seek permission from Ms. Sit Weng San to give us her contact details because we are very interested in the photograph that she took for the UOB Painting Competition 2008. We would like to find out from her the possibility of purchase.

    We approach you because when we googled her name, your blog came up.

    Thank you very much.

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