The Black Spider-Man Logo theme!



It took me quite a while (I blame work as usual) but here it is – the original Black Spider-Man symbiote logo for your Nokia S60 phones (basically all N-series and E-series, but not the landscape models like E61/i).

Download it here and please add some comments to encourage me ok?

There’s a persistent bug where the operator logo turns grey instead of maroon. Not my fault.

Downloaded times!

4 Replies to “The Black Spider-Man Logo theme!”

  1. Mate, that theme is awesome! Extremely professional and very well thought out! Love the way it looks on my E65! 😀
    Which software did you use to create the theme?

  2. Hi,

    although this might be a bit off-topic: How do you generate the “Operator” text in your screenshots. I want to do screenshots from my app and want to keep it generic, no Vodafone or T-Mobile – just Operator.

    Any help is highly appreciated



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