Save the Earth the Ukulele way

Warning: This is a terribly cheena video, but it’s become one of my most listened songs on my iPod. (The sound quality on the YouTube video sucks though). After attending the recent Ukulele farewell concert with Goy, I was struck by how two geeks could sound so good together. Terry Lin, the chap with the Aaron Kwok 1992 floppy hair is THE best damned male singer in Asia.

They broke up around the mid-1990s and both have never found real commercial success in their solo careers. It’s a real pity, some of the songs they’ve written are infinitely more engaging than the crap you get on English radio these days.

This following song is translated as “Do Think More For Others” (a greenie song), starring the two boys and a pigeon. Listen for the last few seconds when Terry hits the really high notes.

And below, a better showcase of Terry Lin’s wondrous vocals – “Just For You”.

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