First new Canon lens in 6 years




I haven’t bought any new Canon EF lenses in the past six years, basically because I had completed my collection of lenses that fit my needs.

However, recently, I’ve realised I simply can’t lug around four primes or two L zoom lenses with the family. The kids are really more than a handful and the gear just weighs me down.

So I’ve gone full circle and gone back to using a mid-level zoom lens, namely the EF 24-85mm. It’s not cheap but the quality is pretty good. Of course, it’s not the best match for my beloved EOS 5D but what the heck lah. When you’re a family man, something’s gotta give. It’s also not the best lens for indoor shoots, but I just gotta wing it.

(Actually I wanted to get a 28-105mm lens which I used to own but had sold to Jane many years ago. But as usual, it was out of stock. Oh well.)

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  1. Nice shot of the car. Haven’t seen the kids in a while! Issac still looks his funny grinning self. Isabelle has grown! Looking like mummy!

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