PC Mag Vs Edelman

How far can you really take business transparency? While I’ve been pushing some of the more radical transparency options at PC Magazine, where I’m editor in chief, now I’m really not so sure. What’s given me pause? A recent web post I read from Edelman Senior Vice President and noted blogger Steve Rubel, that “PC Mag is another. I have a free sub but it goes in the trash.”

Jim Louderback, editor-in-chief of PC Mag

This is a rather amusing and interesting read. I’ve been reading PC Mag (US edition) since 1989 and despite it’s current consumerish direction, it is still required reading for any techie. For a senior PR guy to diss it in such a public way is well, pretty silly.

It reiterates my belief that you should never discuss your journalism or PR work online. Sure, I’ll lelong my projects online (eg. Young Photog Of The Year), but I won’t discuss our internal discussions or planning about it.

I may have issues with PR people, but I won’t detail it online (you won’t believe a recent Mother’s Day pitch I received…I told the clueless PR girl if I ever did such a story, my late mother would hit me if she were still alive).

There is this belief that in the new media age, journalists should be more transparent than ever. The new journalists (bloggers) will trash mainstream media to death to assert their citizen journalism status, but the fact is, many of them don’t understand the legal, business, ethical, social complications of producing a paid publication. Business confidentiality has become even more important in an age where people set up blogs simply to leak information.

Many people think the Internet will solve many issues they have with the mainstream media. There are some PR or media folks who surf on to this site to try and understand what makes me tick, but here’s the shocking truth – I censor myself to death here.

So why do I have a blog? Well, my ego likes to show off some of my current visual work (Nokia S60 themes being a fine example I say), and and my non-establishment part of my brain likes to pen down some pertinent observations of our chaotic world. So far people are still reading lah, so it can’t be such a waste of time right?

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