On work, people, and the universe

It’s interesting how I’m finding less and less that I can write about on this personal website (“blog” is so 2006 yes?).

Just a brief explanation – where I used to write about many people and companies, my job scope has shifted to a situation where I have to work with an even larger number of people. And yes, I still do plenty of writing in my job.

What this means is that I have to be paranoid about what I write here.

Say if I curse a certain organisation for being short-sighted, run by idiots and having no cow sense about what was going on with the ground…well, it may just turn out that I have to sit in a meeting with the same bunch and discuss how we can actually work together.

I have no qualms about ranting about unprofessional people – recently, I met a PR executive who doesn’t read newspapers regularly and isn’t very good at covering that up either (no, Ms L, it’s not you lah, this happened just last week) – but another problem arises.

What if other people start thinking that they are the ones being written about? One reason why Dilbert cartoons are so popular is that Scott Adams clearly demonstrates that morons exist in every workplace and they think along largely similar lines.

(sidetrack – some people I’ve seen weave such a complicated web of intrigue around them so that they think they appear unbiased, smart and respectable just because they don’t get into trouble publicly. Sigh, if only they knew what others thought of them)

What if I mention certain radical business ideas here and other firms pick it up for their own use? Where is my copyright on ideas then?

What if I let go some nuggets about the projects I’m handling that will lead to unexpected misunderstandings (is that an oxymoron?). For eg. I’ve been wanting to write about how our Young Photographer Of The Year project is coming along, but that will set off some online forum discussions about why our judging panel should take another path of action.

It’s all pretty clear what’s happening here. For my work’s sake, the personal must diminish, withdraw into a shell and leave behind little trace.

Is this the end of iantan.org as we know it?

Shall I start putting up home recipes here instead?

Wait, I can’t cook.

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  1. Eh, salah lah. Long time ago, people used to have “personal webpages/websites” hor. Then the word “blog” came along. U can’t go back to using the word “website” unless u want to be retro ok?


    BTW, my “personal website” from 1997 is STILL in existence on the WWW. Hah.

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