Dear reader,

Heard something recently about my blog that was pretty amusing. Won’t tell you what it is, but here’s some stuff on my mind.

1. If you think I’m writing just about you, don’t flatter yourself. You’re not the only person I know. You may have noticed I generalise my views for most things, and if I want to get specific, I do. The problem is human nature is the same across the board, so what I write about usually happens throughout society on a daily basis, otherwise why generalise? This is no IceRed forum, I have no interest in dragging people’s name through mud, unless perhaps it’s some guy who started the Iraq war. Unfortunately, many people working in the media line always imagine themselves to be so significant, when frankly, the average Joe may struggle to remember your byline or your face.

2. If you think I’m writing about my work, don’t be silly, because you don’t want to know what I do at work. Even if you do, I’m not telling you. If you’re reading this during your working hours, be glad you have more free time than I do!

3. If you feel aggrieved or outraged at my general observations of the world, well, thanks for reacting. Makes my annual $150 server fee for this blog worth paying. After all, I write for an audience, not just for myself.

4. Don’t ask me what I feel about ministerial pay hike ok? I don’t care what people earn, only what I earn.

5. If you have to tell me something, just gimme a call can?

Frankly, sometimes I don’t know why I bother to have a personal website. Everyone thinks they’re gonna get some top secret info here issit? Sorry man, I lead such a boring life (work work work, sleep, play with kids, do housework, work work work), you should be reading something else.

4 Replies to “Dear reader,”

  1. Dirt? I think PR people are great what…when they’re being professional and know what their job is all about. Now let me count how many I know…

  2. I find that my friends don’t really bother catching up with me now, because they read my blog and they think that all they need to know is through my blog.

  3. Hmmm, so shall we shut down our blogs and get “real” with other people again?

    There are people trawling my blog hoping to dig up dirt on the people I know or the work I do, but what a waste of time lah. Business and blogs should never mix, at least not in my book.

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