The state of the PR industry

Ha, thought you’re gonna get me to spill the beans? Why drag myself into a useless debate with an industry that has a love-hate relationship with journalists?

But I’d just like to rant about one thing: PRs who do not have their mobile numbers on their name cards.

Personally, I think it flies in the face of what public relations is about.

Ask yourself why you shouldn’t be contactable on a weekend when your office is closed and all hell is breaking loose for your client. By the time the journos get to you, the damage is probably beyond control.

You think guys are going to harass you for a date? Honestly, if you’re that kind of hottie, it doesn’t matter whether you give out name cards or not. Otherwise, don’t flatter yourself.

If someone is paying you to be their public representative, the awful truth is that you will need to be contacted at all times.

Why, given that all the marketing people I know have their mobile numbers printed, I don’t see why the PR people are still so archaic in mindset.

What I get puzzled about is PRs who apologise for calling me on my mobile. For goodness sake, that’s why I have a handphone right?

Journos who don’t like to get calls on their mobiles obviously don’t really like to talk to people and find out new stuff. Or they’re armchair journos, one of the banes of the industry.

I was just updating my Outlook address book yesterday. My new filing guideline is – if this inhouse or agency PR has no mobile number, I’m throwing away the namecard.

After all, without a mobile number, it’s no different whether I look for your name card, or just search the online yellow pages for your company. The latter is more productive.

3 Replies to “The state of the PR industry”

  1. Not many journos like being contacted on their mobiles for some reason or other.

    What do you think of MSN or other IMs as a platform for contacting journos? I know of some journos who think that IMs should be reserved for between friends only (and not for PRs since we’re the “enemy”).

  2. I get quite a few PRs adding me to their MSN lists. However, I’ve begun to block all but the ones I’ve known for years. So if you’re a PR and you can see me online, it means I haven’t blocked you.

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