Saved by the Dell?


We have great people . . . but we also have a new enemy: bureaucracy, which costs us money and slows us down. We created it, we subjected our people to it and we have to fix it!

I was reading this open email from Michael Dell to his employees. It’s diplomatic, but has the type of “solid-action” vision I wish most other company heads have.

Of course, posting it online is a great PR move, something which Dell needs after all the exploding laptop batteries and poor customer service woes. But what I liked (especially since I don’t have to suffer the bonus cuts his employees do) are the specific goals and weaknesses he points out and wants to fix.

But trying to fix bureacracy is going to be tough. It probably means getting rid of a lot of fat in the middle that’s causing the information clog.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve come across people who basically don’t know what they are doing in their jobs. I think to a certain extent, all of us wonder if our jobs do fit us, but I’m talking about people whose personality and capabilities are completely out of sync with their job scope.

The worst thing is that they can’t bring themselves to admit it. Everyone else around them knows, but don’t dare to say it either. Then everyone suffers lah.