“You can’t handle the truth!”


I was reminded of an important truism today, as Jack would remind Tom:

“Most people can’t handle the truth”.

It is said that journalists handle the truth. I beg to differ. We deal with the facts, as truth is malleable but you can’t fight established numbers and scenarios.

Unfortunately, the same people can’t handle the facts either.

I guess the world has always been like this, and one has to really have a thick skin to say “Ah heck it, just let it pass”. But it’s quite tough, when you’ve actually worked hard to make sure you have gotten your facts right and make sure it’s presented in the most neutral way possible.

So what, it seems. Here, the next truism comes in – “You can’t please everyone.”

Should one give up his integrity because he wants to please one particular person or party? When that happens, what is left of our character? How can other people trust what you say from then on?

Obviously, you know I know what should be done.