Do you hate Bose?

Lots of audiophiles do, and I do admit I’ve been rather skeptical of their stuff. After all, look at the prices they charge for a clock radio! Audiophiles deride the brand because they don’t believe people should buy anything but a huge floorstander.



Anyway, I visited the Bose showroom twice this week to audition their latest Companion 5 speakers (above). They are meant to pair with your PC, and the first demo was quite a disappointment. I forgot to bring my CDs and the trailer and NFS Carbon game demonstration by the staff didn’t really show off the speakers.

Today, a nagging feeling kept hounding me even though I had already filed the review for tomorrow and it has already been laid out. I said “ah heck it”, compiled my fave CDs and went back to test the system again (had to pass ERP twice man).

Surprisingly, it really rocks the house down (read my review in TNP on Thur) and offers quite a refreshing change of sound treatment from most high-end PC speakers. The only thing I don’t like is its USB connection, which means your sound card becomes useless.

If you’re an audiophile, do stop griping for a minute and audition their Companion 5. Bose may not want you to find out technical specifications, but my ears tell me they’ve got something good going here.

2 Replies to “Do you hate Bose?”

  1. I heard these two, bought some pretty much after a 30 min session in store with my own music.

    They sound pretty damn good, if a little expensive. I’ve also heard high-end floorstanding speakers and read pretty much all the negative and positive Bose reviews.

    For PC speakers these are very good.

  2. Tried them. By using the same playback material (many CDs) against Klipsch. BOSE is a TERRIBLE product. No merits what so ever.

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