Ah LianLi goes down


My current PC, otherwise known as Ah LianLi after its Taiwanese black casing

It has become tradition that every time there is a long public holiday, my home computer will crash to death. One side effect is Goy getting really annoyed and says I should stop touching the computer.

But when your PC goes down, who are you gonna call? The Ghostbusters?

Anyway, this time it was a truly challenging crash. I’ve dealt with everything from corrupted hard disks, graphic card meltdowns, motherboard meltdowns, dead RAM and so on. And my current PC is only a few months old.

What happened was that I moved my PC into Joanne’s old room so I could use a direct Ethernet connection, and while playing Star Trek Legacy with Isaac, I accidentally knocked into the CPU casing. This has happened a dozen times, but I didn’t expect the PC to totally refuse to start up the next time.

Yep, there was no warning beeeeep from the motherboard, no blinking lights and all that jazz. Just the power supply whirring and all the components running as usual.

It took me two days to figure out what was wrong. I ripped out every part and cable and I managed to revive Ah LianLi but my heart sank when I plugged in a flash drive and the entire system went dark. Then, someone up there told me to look at the temperatures and to my horror, my Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 chip was running at 96 deg C!!!!

Usually it’s supposed to run at about 45 deg C lah, so rather than boil an egg, I realised the one thing I didn’t check was the heatsink (fan cooler) – it had come loose, and the CPU was overheating to dangerous levels. Anyway, I dug out some thermal paste, reinstalled the heatsink and everything’s back to normal.

Who’d have known? Just goes to show that after 10 years of assembling and troubleshooting my own PC, there’s still more stuff to catch you off-guard. I can’t wait for Windows Vista and all the new troubles it’s gonna bring.

2 Replies to “Ah LianLi goes down”

  1. My DELL kept crashing during the holidays as well! Jer said something about the fan cooler being lousy or not working well. Computers are annoying!

    Btw, nice close-up shot of the rose.

  2. Hey thanks. Actually, I wish I had a higher resolution image of the rose. This one was taken with my older dSLR and the full shot is lurvely.

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