Unpleasant guy in the lift

The lift at Funan was pretty crowded today as we went from the carpark to the upper floors.

Then this family of 2 adults and 2 kids (about primary school) came into the lift thinking it was going down. The kids then pressed the B3 button, and strangely, all the upper floor buttons that were lit previously went off.

A guy at the back of the lift said very loudly: “Idiots!”

I was busy pressing back all the right buttons and thankfully, the lift was still going up. But I told the guy quite calmly: “Look, they’re just kids, they don’t mean any harm.” Unfortunately, one of the kids kept pressing B3 again.

The unpleasant Chinese man muttered in his American accent: “Why aren’t their parents doing something about it?”

The conversation ended there because it was my stop. But I couldn’t help feeling really pissed even as I walked out.

1. Who is he to call other people’s children idiots?
2. Why didn’t the parents of the kids do anything to defend their kids or show the world they’re in charge??

Some people just don’t love children, but sometimes, parents don’t love their kids enough.