Nokia S60 theme – Spider-Man!

Ok, this will probably be my last theme for a while. My one-week leave is finally coming to an end and Goy’s pretty fed up with my latest theme-making craze.


spidey theme.jpg

Download it here! (File is now Ver 2, updated to fix unviewable fonts in Address Book search and improved visibility in Calculator)

Design notes:

1. Originally, I wanted the “Operator” text to be orange or red, but a bug in Carbide kept switching it back to white, so I left it as that.
2. It’s really really tough to keep the .SIS file under 100kb. This one weighs in at 127kb, because of the complex vectors in Spidey and the 3D background. I was intending to use the same 3D background for the other menu backgrounds, but it doubled the file size to 200kb 🙁 …..Anyway, menu backgrounds need to be more subtle.
3. The 3D web was quite a puzzle to crack. What I did was to use simple stroke lines in Illustrator, convert them to paths, merge the whole thing, then reverse-selection to make the non-web thread areas solid instead. Took me about one hour to figure this one out as I didn’t want a plain-looking web.
4. For Carbide users, be careful when you change the colours of “Main Area Text, MIDP Editable Textbox”. If you make it white in colour, you will not be able to see unselected text in certain menus, or your contact names in the SMSing screen. Even if you change it to another light colour (orange in this case), you need to fix the “Input Highlight” box and make it darker (see box above next to magnifying glass” so light-coloured fonts can be seen.
5. As usual, the blue icons you see are stand-in icons. The theme will use your phone’s default, and more colourful icons.

Installation instructions

1. Download file here. It’s only for Nokia N-series or other Symbian S60 3rd edition phones. Sorry folks, I ain’t got time to do an S40 edition.
2. You should have Nokia’s PC Suite installed on your PC already.
3. Double-click the downloaded file and follow on-screen instructions.

Downloads so far =

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