No more negative posts?

I was thinking to myself – shall I make a resolution to not write any more negative posts? Shall all my thoughts be happy thoughts? After all, you can’t fight stupidity around you, and dwelling in negativity is an inevitable downward spiral.

If one keeps quiet in the face of Wrong, one loses his passion for life, loses his ability to feel, loses his character and backbone. But if I do not succumb to becoming a Yes Man, I shall suffer outrage at what should have been done but wasn’t.

I shall try anyway.

Happy hols everyone!

5 Replies to “No more negative posts?”

  1. Sometimes I thought should my post be all about happy stuff only. But then, life is not just about happy stuff. A balance of both should be fine.

  2. No Ian, please don’t make that resolution. I’ve enjoyed reading your stuff, negative or not. It makes you human and like joc says, there should be a balance of both. I wouldn’t want to read about happy things all the time because it’s not real.

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