Hellboy Theme

hellboy theme.jpg

Hellboy theme as seen in Nokia Carbide program. Blue icons are substitute icons for your default ones.

hellboy theme on n73.jpg

Hellboy theme as seen on my N73

And now, for something quite different – one of my fave characters from the maestro Mike Mignola.

The theme has a few minor bugs (certain list fonts are white instead of black) but is generally a great fit with any black Nokia N-series. It is also larger in size (150kb vs 30kb for Doraemon), as I didn’t have time to create vectors for certain elements and simply bitmapped them and recolorised them.

Download it here.

Update 8 Dec : It’s now updated to work for Nokia E61 as well. (see below)

hellboy theme on e61.jpg

Downloads so far =

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