Gamers are jocks?

Me, a professional gamer?


It may come as a shock to some people, but it’s true. If you’re looking for Lewis Skolnick types with pocket protectors and thick-rimmed glasses, you’ve come to the wrong place. Gamers here at the CPL resemble jocks – albeit seriously smart and tech-savvy jocks – more than mild-mannered nerds.

– Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Professional Gaming


Wah, you read the lines above and you’d think the geeks have come of age (and gotten some serious bodies). But read on and you’ll realise how pathetic the author’s approach is in trying to make pro-gaming look, well, so much like other major sports like soccer or rugby.

If anything, the article just reinforces the stereotype that gamers are losers fighting over the silliest things. Trash-talking and sportsmanship a big thing at such competitions? Hello, isn’t it just teenage cussing and simple etiquette involved here?

And the funniest must be the tenth item : “It Really Isn’t About The Money”.

Somebody got suckered big time here. To qualify as a jock, you need some serious beef on your body, and sitting at a computer for hours melts your meat into fat.

The problem with professional gaming is that it cannot claim to be intellectual (like chess…and no, RTS games don’t require much brains), physically demanding (staying awake for 8 hours at a PC doesn’t count), and transformative (most top athletes undergo a mental transformation yet unknown to gamers, because of the sheer physical and mental demands exacted on the entire body).

And of course, I say all this because I used to be a jock.