Dragonball theme for S60 phones

dragonball theme.jpg

More lessons in Adobe Illustrator thanks to this latest Nokia theme project.

1. I won’t bother trying to draw Goku from scratch again, or rather, trace him from scratch. Better to use auto-trace (Live Trace) and then create coloured segments in his clothes.
2. The curly clouds are only possible with a tablet stylus, which I had to borrow from Simon Ang.

I’ve kept the theme very simple, with colour scheme similar to the Doraemon themes. Best used on N-series phones. This theme is dedicated to Toriyama Akira, father of Dragonball and now, one of the co-dads of the cool Xbox 360 game Blue Dragon.

Download it HERE

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  1. hi there!
    I love all the themes you’ve done, and i was just wondering if you could maybe make a tinkerbell theme next time?

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