A literary tribute to Doraemon


You’ve seen him, even if you don’t know his name. And if you’ve seen him, you’ve been warmed—even inspired—by his energized air of optimism. That bubble-headed creature with a broad smile, a paw raised in greeting and a disarming blueness beams down at us not only across Japan but on the streets of Hanoi, in courses at American colleges, in cinemas in Hong Kong (where he chatters away in Cantonese). Yes, he sells fireworks, adorns postage stamps, blinks as a cursor on Sony PCs and appears in movies about the Dorabian Nights. But more than that, he transmits a message that transcends every language: the future can be likable, the present is redeemable, and you can be happy even if you’re blue.

– Pico Iyer for TIME

“The Cuddliest Hero in Asia”

To all you people who keep asking me why I like Doraemon, here’s literary heavyweight Iyer himself expounding on the cultural and psychological appeal of our little robot cat.

I’m still looking for a Doraemon source book so I can scan images for my dream N73 theme 😀 The above image is my first Doraemon created in Adobe Illustrator from scratch. There’s something wrong with the proportions, but it’ll do for now.

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  1. dude, i just realised that there’s an uncanny similarity between you and and that pic you drew on AI of doraemon (esp. when you don’t shave and your whiskers are sprouting all over the place). it’s weird. think about it…

    now think about how you look in your blue hooded hypercolour tshirt..

    now wink.

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