Doraemon theme for your Nokia!

Overnight, I found another new hobby!

I was thinking about how I could customise my new black Nokia N73’s theme (I love the red themes in the phone, but how do I go further?) and went to Google my desire.


I found out that Nokia has actually been releasing free Symbian theme editors, and the latest is called Carbide.

It looks complicated, but if you know your way around Adobe programs, this one shouldn’t be too difficult. You will also need a vector-drawing program (eg. Illustrator) and bitmap editor (Photoshop) if you wanna do your own magic.

Here’s my first experimental theme, Doraemon and you can download it for your Series 60 Nokia phone too (S60 3rd Edition – phones like the N73, N71, N80 and so on).

It will change your backgrounds, clock and signal bars but not touch the other elements. It takes too long to design your own icons, and most of us just wanna change that background anyway.

Downloads so far =

12 Replies to “Doraemon theme for your Nokia!”

  1. Great start mate. Now you can finish it of by changing grid- & list-highlights (hopefully) so we don’t have to use the terrible original grid highlight. Once again, great work.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Daniel. I’m actually more interested in changing the various icons first. But Doraemon is quite limited in characters, I’m thinking of doing a black and red Spider-Man theme next, icons can be of characters like Black Widow, Gwen Stacy and Hobgoblin! Gonna be hell converting the bitmaps to vectors thought!

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  4. I have a Nokia e72. But I cant figure out how to set up Doraemon on it once I have downloaded. I am tech challenged, but saved by Jesus!

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