Hello Kitty theme

Hello Kitty on the phone?

At the request of a HWZ forumer Enette, and in a test of how much I’ve learnt about Carbide, I created a new Hello Kitty theme. Don’t ask me why Enette wanted the cat on a black background, but it was an interesting exercise in choosing complementary colours to maintain readability.

It’s not fantastic, but hey, this is a guinea pig project. I realised the main image on the background (ie Kitty) cannot be too bold and has to be translucent or else the Standby Menu icons and text cannot be read properly.

Note that the blue icons are just fillers. The actual theme itself will use your phone’s default (and prettier) icons.

Additional changes done as compared to the Doraemon theme

1. Colour changes to all menu/scroll bars

2. New type of battery indicator

3. Highlight grids/bars updated

Download the Hello Kitty theme here (30KB only). For Symbian Series 60 3rd edition phones, or 2nd edition Feature pack 3.

Sigh, this sounds like such a nerd posting.

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8 Replies to “Hello Kitty theme”

  1. Hey, many thanks. I wanted it on a black background cos my phone is black 🙂 tho its your piggy project but it looks fine to me. Hope this can be my special kitty on my phone hee hee ;p

    U are Great!

  2. Heh, this is probably the last request I’m accepting as I’ve got to get back to real work and think about how to achieve my Spider-Man theme 😀

    Have fun with your Hello Kitty. Actually I thought a pink background would go very well with your black phone too. Black phones need a bright menu bkground and they’ll stand out smartly.

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  4. oh. and do you know where i can download Hello kitty themes, if yours dosentt work for my KRZR K1M ?
    i tried zedge and sooo many sites ! but i cant seem to find one!

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