Don’t start your emails this way

“Hi (insert merge mail name here), how are you? I hope this email finds you well.”

Firstly, can an email find a person?

Secondly, so what if it finds you well?

Thirdly, should I reply “Oh I’m so hoop-dee-dooey happy to hear from you” or “I’m so sick of life, why do you torment me with your emails?”

To all you PR people who use this email line to start off your PR pitch, for goodness sake, can stop or not? Get to the point, don’t ask illogical and insincere questions you are not prepared to hear the answers to.

And yes, there is more than one person who uses this.

5 Replies to “Don’t start your emails this way”

  1. Eh, it’s not only about emails ok? I also hate it when people call on the phone and go, “how are u?” and u know they don’t mean it. Sometimes i want to answer, “i’m feeling crap”… and i can just my last dollar that they won’t know what to respond!!

    Once, this underwriter and my boss made like 4-5 calls to each other over a case… and everytime the calls came, i could hear my boss asking or answering to a “how are u”, “good, and u?” question. *Rolls eyes*. Like stop it already right?

  2. When I first came to America 3 years ago, I was taken aback by “How are you?” statements that greeted me so often. I thought the same way as those reflected by the writer and ‘uptown gal’.
    This is considered a culture shock to Singaporean newcomers like me. However, I got used to it after some time. This is actually a friendly statement, like saying an extended “Hello” over the phone. You can just say “Good, you?” or you can just say,” oh boy, what a traffic out there”, or you can say “not too well actually.” It is nice to be noticed. At least, they greet each other, sometimes throwing in a humorous comment at the same time. In Singapore, I wonder if strangers even say anything to each other in the lift.

    Hence, I am not surprised if such greeting is used in email, which I use it sometimes myself. To tell you the truth, I am ready to hear whatever reply that follows, even if the person is complaining what a bad day he or she has. The thing is how open the receiver to “How are you?” is.

  3. Hi Alicia

    I’m perfectly ok with people asking me “How are you?” incessantly. I’ll always reply “I’m good, good”.

    What this post refers to is PR emails (I get lots of them as a journo) which always begin exactly the same way.

    You know, like…

    “Hi (insert merge mail name here), how are you? I hope this email finds you well. We have a new product that we hope you are interested in…”

    “Hi (insert merge mail name here), how are you? I hope this email finds you well. We have an upcoming event to highlight….”

    PR professionals (if they are pro to begin with) ought to realise you can’t use certain templates if you come off sounding insincere (and already lots of PRs I meet have poor people skills, ironic isn’t it)

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