2 Replies to “Tough review”

  1. If JVC can’t take it, they shouldn’t have sent the unit out for a review if they know it’s shoddy in the first place. If a review comes out rough, tough luck.

    Manufacturers should also learn that strong-arm tactics “I’ll withdraw my advertising!” to influence reviews only hurt their credibility in the long run.

    Better a bad review than a horde of very pissed customers at your service centre who bought your product based on an “influenced” review.

  2. Welcome to Singapore! Don’t forget that Singaporeans are a product of the social conditioning implemented over the years.

    Law’s govern the behaviour. So unless you have a law stating that you can’t put black dirty box on other peoples cars or young able-bodies executives have to give up their seats to pregnant woman, its not going to get noticed. Enforcement of these law will be another issue altogether.

    Maybe they should have laws suggesting that Singaporeans as a whole should have first preference to seats on MRTs, let alone pregnant women.

    However, recognise that the MRT is not a convenience for Singaporeans. Its a for-profit organisation who’s main customers are 50%-60% foreigners. Go count for yourself on the train. 🙂 If you need a voice about this issue, you have to join the majority.

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