The Parents of Today

Here’s the followup to the previous post. The RJC girl’s blog fiasco got blown up in The Straits Times and her father put in his two cents.

WHAT she said did come across as insensitive. The language was stronger than what most people could take. But she wrote in a private blog and I feel that her privacy has been violated. After all, they were the rantings of an 18-year-old among friends.

I think if you cut through the insensitivity of the language, her basic point is reasonable, that is, that a well-educated university graduate who works for a multinational company should not be bemoaning about the Government and get on with the challenges in life.

Nonetheless, I have counselled her to learn from it. Some people cannot take the brutal truth and that sort of language, so she ought to learn from it.

In our current desire to encourage more debate, especially through the Internet, our comments must be tempered with sensitivity.

I will not gag her, since she’s 18 and should be able to stand by what she says. The new media of the Internet is such that if you don’t like what she has said, you have the right of rebuttal.

Hopefully, after the discussion, everyone will be the richer for it. As a parent, I may not have inculcated the appropriate level of sensitivity, but she has learnt a lesson, and it’s good that she has learnt it at such an early stage in life.’

– ANG MO KIO GRC MP WEE SIEW KIM on his daughter’s comments

You know, I can’t really comment on this case. But just look at the highlighted bits above and I’m sure you’d think certain thoughts.

This still doesn’t touch the Ellen Lee episode for sheer gall.

PS: Dear MP Wee, there is no such thing as a private blog lah. Maybe you should join the Post-65 MPs for their hip-hop classes and get funky wit it.

PPS: I love to bemoan about the Gahmen and get on with my challenges in life at the same time. Why, I pay taxes like everyone else, I have a right to question the people spending my money. By the way, what does a student know about working life?  

Update 26 Oct 2006

Well, the dad has apologised for his initial statements above. How is it that a father can speak up for his daughter, only to apologise for both the next day? Talk about choice of words.

I AM sorry that my statements carried in The Straits Times of Oct 24 offended some readers.
I should not have said what I did about people’s inability to take the brutal truth and strong language.

I have also counselled my daughter Shu Min. She is fully aware and remorseful over her tone, insensitivity and lack of empathy.

I have advised her to learn from this.

We both apologise to the people whom we have offended, and especially Mr Derek Wee.

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  1. U know, i quite agree with the point the gal was making? I can’t stand it when i hear people who bemoan the govt. and talk as tho’ the govt should do everything for us? I mean… whatever happened to personal responsibility?

    The gal’s lang. may have been harsh… but hey… it’s her blog right? She can write what she wants!

    As for the dad… guess i don’t agree with him so much ‘cos he seems to be defending her for the wrong reasons…hmm…

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