Oh Bill Bixby!

Dear old Bill had the best role in the 1970s as the Incredible Hulk…or rather, as Bruce Banner. His favourite line, before ripping his clothes and leather shoes into shreds, was…

“Don’t make me angry, Mr XXX, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

That’s when he plonked on the bright green contacts and everyone’s favourite scenes rolled out.

Naturally, the same line was used in Ang Lee’s Hulk movie at the end. It’s a classic line that kept running in my head today as things kept getting from bad to worse as the day dragged on.

Well of course I can’t tell you what happened. This blog is not about washing any linen in public.

But here are the two things that really make me mad.

1. People who find it so easy to talk, but have no idea what it means to do. And guess who’s gotta to do it in the end?

2. People who say one thing, but do another. Look, even if I’ve given you the trust all these time, it only takes a second for me to withdraw that same trust.

Okay, time for me to grunt and turn green now.