Why I can’t blog about work

As you can see, I’ve password-protected the last post on the clueless public relations girl I encountered yesterday.

The reason is that although it’s not exactly about what goes on in my office, there are people who won’t get the message and attribute it to the usual “journalistic arrogance”.

Well, as Isaac likes to say: “Too bad!”

As long as there are PRs who don’t understand what this whole media business is about, there will be posts from me like the one below.

What I don’t want is the post denigrating into a “You journos are such asses. We PRs are so much better than you think.” kind of tirade. I’ll be forced to talk about my work in greater depth, and it goes against the nature of this family-friendly site.

I don’t think journos are any better. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how professional you are in your work ethic and your savvy in maintaining good relations.

If you want the password, MSN IM me. And I won’t give it to you unless I already know you. My good friends know I don’t suffer fools, and I won’t waste my breath trying to make them understand.

Is this censorship? Hello, this is not a newspaper – I won’t delete comments, but I can choose what I put up and take down.