The Seminar

isabel exhibit.jpg

Isabel admiring her own pic. Sorry about the reflections, there are better pictures, but none with the Meister so gleeful.

ian talk.jpg

Trying not to look fat in front of a few hundred people.


One of my sifus, Jonathan, getting too enthusiastic as usual with his news stories.

Phew, it’s finally over. After seven weeks of writing a weekly photography series in The New Paper with our favourite camera maker Canon, we capped it off with two-day seminar (different audience each day) on “Unleashing Your Photographic Eye”.

I don’t think anybody found it boring, thanks to Jonathan who kept everyone in stitches with his inimitable storytelling technique. At the same time, we steered clear of creating yawns by not focusing on the technical bits, but more on the philosophical and art class oriented approach to shooting.

What must have cheesed off some people in the audience was our stand that shooters should not be gear-heads who focus on getting expensive gear that they don’t really need.

After all, you should have seen the crowd of amateurs with their white Canon lenses shooting the bikini model at the ground floor of Cineleisure. I’ll reserve my comments on the models though…ask me if you see me!

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  1. Oh I read the one on taking product near the window for better light. Tips came in handy for me. It seems like common sense, but being an idiot on photography, it’s a ‘bing’ moment.

  2. You know, you’re like the third person to give me feedback on that series! I wish I got some hate mail at least, then I’d know that people are reading.

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