Return of the Big G


We all thought they had killed off the line, but the Canon G-series is back!

The new G7 (10-megapixels) comes with  image stabilisation, a really retro design and is now 30% lighter! Woooooo! But it ain’t perfect as usual (read on).

The old G3 (4-megapixels) is still going strong, having been in action since Isaac was in his mother’s tummy. That’s nearly four years already, very long-lasting for a camera that’s taken thousands of photos. However, I’ve been hoping to upgrade it if finances allow. The colour rendition looks really dated and it’s starting to slow down in terms of mechanical performance.

The reason why I bought the G3 (for a steep $1250 then) was because of its fast f2.0-3.0 lens. That kind of aperture is very rare in compact cam zoom lenses, and allowed for full indoor shooting sans flash.

Unfortunately, Canon decided to go with a f2.8-f4.8 lens with the G7. Also, the widest focal length is 35mm, when it should be 28mm.

Amateurs will cry foul when they hear that this camera has no RAW format for images. But seriously, many of us pros just use JPEG anyway. RAW doesn’t make sense because of the huge file sizes. And if your shooting skills are good, there’s no pressing need to work with RAW in the first place.

Even without reviewing the camera, I’ll guess that the G7 will make a nice travel camera for most folks. I’m just disappointed Canon decided to take a step back with the lens specifications, which is what pros always look out for.

I’m also worried about the image noise levels, given horrible performance of other 10MP cameras I’ve seen. ISO 1600 probably isn’t great on this camera either. On Canon’s site, you don’t see any sample using ISOs above 80, so it’s hard to gauge.

Then again, what does the consumer know? They’ll probably buy it for the retro styling alone.

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